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Dear visitors of this website,

You are now watching a brand new alternative media website from The Netherlands. I am still busy working on it.

On this website you will be able to watch several interesting video's, made by myself and from whole the world. These video's can also help people to extend their limited level of awareness of how things and processes are really working on our planet. It can also improve your quality of life!

There will also come some recorded radio shows on this website, transmitted locally on Paradise Radio, FM 105,7 mHz. I've changed the name of the radio station several times in the past, but now I decided to give it the name Paradise Radio forever... And you can also find lots of selfmade articles and articles from other spiritual people and organisations all over the world.

This website will be updated at a regular  basis, you can see the latest update date in the bottom section of this website. Have fun!

Wishing you all the best!,
Boudewijn de Kat,
founder of www.rtvstargate.com and Paradise Radio
(p) November 22nd. 2020 by RTV Stargate, Amstelveen, The Netherlands
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